About Me

     Since graduating from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science, I have worked in a diverse group of industries. As a Vineyard Manager, the nature of working outdoors has taught me to expect the unexpected and from that experience I learned how to adjust my management to working conditions that are out of my control. While working as a Sales Associate, I used my customer service skills to increase sales 15% during my tenure. I would benefit any company with my quick adaptation skills, my excellent problem solving skills, and my vast knowledge of technical and networking skills. My goal is to find a career that uses all of my many refined skills in an IT Network Environment.


My interests include horticulture, winemaking, computer networking, video games, soft-modding gaming consoles, vintage computer collection and repair.

Education in Technology

Network Operations
    Associate of Applied Science
    Lane Community College
    Cummulative 3.5 GPA
    Computer Science 4.3 GPA

Prior Education

Bachelor of Science
    University of Oregon
    Study Abroad: Tampere, Finland
    3.0 GPA


Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society