Cycle Pathology

Rose Hill Rally

The Grand Junction Neonatal ICU is proud to sponsor this year's Rose Hill Rally. Please join us and Cycle Pathology for the Century Ride, Metric Century (62 miles), or 50K (31 miles). Rest stations and aid stations will be spaced throughout the Century and Metric Century routes.

Ride the Century

— Alisha Smith

While riding 100 miles in a day may sound extreme, most casual cyclists can complete a century if they follow a comprehensive training routine. Your bike should be comfortable and fit you well. Consider having a tune-up before the ride, and carry a spare tire and patch kit, tools, and a pump.

If you're not a regular cyclist, start your training at least 12 weeks before your century. Hills are a great way to train for your ride, and don't forget to allow for recovery days after your longer rides.

A few days prior to the ride, you should keep hydrated and cut back on caffeine and alcohol. On the day of your century, eat a light breakfast of high-carbohydrate foods and drink lots of water. On the ride, drink water or a sports drink before you're thirsty.

A century isn't a race, so adopt a relaxed pace that you can follow for several hours. Alter your position throughout your ride, getting up off the saddle, stretching your back, and moving your hand position. The ride goes easier if you share it with a friend or two.

Above all, enjoy the ride! Most centuries are designed to go through scenic areas of the state. Peddle on and remember to watch the scenery.

Pictures from Last Year's Rose Hill Rally!